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Over a decade ago, the Carlisle Volunteer Firefighters’ Association successfully launched its first joint fundraising campaign for Carlisle’s local volunteer fire companies. Thanks to a cooperative effort among the Carlisle Fire Companies and with leadership from Carlisle Borough Council, this single drive consolidated multiple fire company fundraising campaigns.  


Your contribution can help save lives. The brave men and women of the Carlisle Fire Department have literally carried people out of burning buildings, but that doesn’t happen without adequate support from the community. Volunteer fire companies continually struggle for funding. It takes constant effort for them to recruit, retain and maintain their ranks. Volunteer firefighters are required to spend hundreds of hours in training before they can respond to an emergency.  Rarely will you see a more dedicated and professional group. By making your contribution, you can help provide them the equipment and training they need to continue to keep your our community safe. 

Thank You

 Thank you for your past and continued support of the Carlisle Fire Department. But most importantly, thank you from the hundreds of silent recipients of the valor and service who may never be able to thank you personally. 

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.

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